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Our theme is "Customers and staff together enjoy themselves! We are a wholesaler of tableware for business use and operator of general merchandise stores under the theme of "Enjoyable and energetic customers and staff together!

Founded in 1913, Yamabun has been selling tableware in the Nagoya area for many years, and in recent years has expanded beyond the sale of "tableware that enhances food" to the sale of "miscellaneous goods that enhance daily life.

At our directly managed stores, we offer famous character goods, modern Japanese sundries, and other sundries that bring joy and satisfaction to your daily life.

yb.Friend's セントレア店

yb.Friend's セントレア店


Boony's+ イオン岡崎南店


yb.Friend's シャンピアポート店


miyabina イオンモール桑名店


どんぐり共和国 mozoワンダーシティ店

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Company Profile

Corporate Corporation No.1800-01-023048
Qualified Invoicing Business Registration NumberT1-1800-0102-3048
Company name株式会社 山文 (カブシキガイシャ ヤマブン)
Yamabun Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address2-18, Temma 3-chome, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 456-0034, Japan
FoundationJuly 5, 1967
Capital Stock12,000,000 yen
Company Objectives
  1. Sale of ceramics, glassware, synthetic resin products, and metal tableware
  2. Real estate leasing and management
  3. Sales of character-related goods
  4. Development and sales of retail store operation support software
  5. Management of marriage counseling agencies and planning of various types of marriage activity parties
  6. General business incidental to each of the preceding items
Representative Director, PresidentOKUMURA Yukiyoshi
Number of Employees40


1913Founded in 1913 by Shoichi Okumura in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
1944War damage
1947Recovers from the war and establishes Yamabun Okumura Shoten
19671967 Company is established and becomes Yamabun Co.
1970Opened retail store "Sanpou Toen" in Diamond City Meisei SC
1976Head office building completed
1994Lifestyle goods store Wondercity opened
1995Lifestyle goods store JUSCO Okazaki Minami opened
1997Lifestyle goods store AEON Nanyo store opened
1998Lifestyle goods store Diamond City store opened (renewed from Yamaho Toen)
1998Lifestyle goods store AzPark store opened
2000Fancy store BOONY'S AEON MALL OKAZAKI opened (renewed from JUSCO Okazaki Minami store)
2002Character Variety Shop yb.Friend's Wonder City opened (renewed from
2003Character Variety Shop yb.Friend's Azpark opened (renewed from
2004Character Variety Shop yb.Friend's Champiaport opened.
2004Started operation of sales management system for general merchandise stores (developed in-house)
2005Character Variety Shop yb.Friend's Centrair opened.
2007Character Variety Shop yb.Friend's AeonTows Chikusa opened.
2009Studio Ghibli Goods and Picture Book Character Goods store Donguri Gurden mozo wondarcity opened
2011Character Variety Shop yb.Friend's AEON TOWN Chikusa Store relocated to a new location
2012Started operation of attendance system for general merchandise stores (developed in-house)
2014Japanese modern goods store miyabina AEON Kuwana SC opened.
2014Character goods specialty store Chara-dreams AEON MALL Okazaki opened.
2008Studio Ghibli Goods Donguri Republic mozo wonder city store renewal opened (changed from Donguri Garden)
1991Head office relocated to 3-2-18 Temma, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Japan
2020Marriage Counseling Agency The Door of Happiness HP Production
2020Electronic system for tax free sales ybTaxFree Development
2020Yukiyoshi Okumura becomes the fourth representative director
2021Character & Fancy Goods  Boony's+ AEON OKAZAKIMinami store opened (moved from Chara-dreams)
2022Tableware Yamabun launches electronic catalog site (developed in-house)