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[Character & Variety Goods Shop]

We offer cute character goods and fun variety goods.

The Centrair store at Central Japan International Airport offers character goods as well as airplanes and Gundam plastic models.

[Tableware and Japanese goods shop]

Japanese goods store produced by Yamabun, a tableware shop established over 100 years ago.

We offer not only tableware, but also Japanese modern goods, Japanese sundry goods, from daily use to gifts.

[Studio Ghibli's character goods shop]

FC Store - mozo wondercity store

The Donguri Republic is a warm and welcoming place with a smile on its face.

We have a wide variety of character goods of Studio Ghibli's works.

[Tableware YAMABUN]

Tableware and cookware wholesale and retail store located along an old street(Tokaido) in Atsuta, Nagoya

A full range of Japanese tableware and cooking utensils is available.

You want to find your favorites among many products. This online catalog site is a great help for you to find your favorites among many products.

Our proprietary pre-data processing allows for pleasant viewing.

It is available for use by both restaurants and the general public.

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